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For over a decade, Englobis has specialized in various types of document translation services (legal, medical, technical and financial). We also offer website translation services and software localization.

Our team of professional translators and copy editors have translation and linguistics degrees, as well as relevant trade association certifications. They translate and localize into their native languages, and many have degrees in subject areas such as business, law, life sciences and engineering.



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Our Professionals



We exceed international translation competency standards (ISO 17100:2015). Our translators and editors must have:

A university degree in translation AND at least two years of professional translation experience.


A university degree in another field AND at least five years of professional translation experience.

Certified translators meet these criteria and have passed a proficiency exam given by a certifying entity (e.g. American Translators Association).




Our editors are bilingual reviewers, rated in the top 10% among translators by industry standards.

They evaluate translated content against the original to ensure that the translation is accurate and sounds natural in the target language. 


Our proofreaders are bilingual reviewers who, like our editors, are in the top 10% among translators by industry standards.

Their purpose is to critically analyze translated content for accuracy, fluidity and grammatical correctness, according to linguistic and cultural standards. 

Project Managers

Our project managers ensure that translation best practices are implemented across the project cycle.

These monolingual editors also provide a final quality check before the finished translation project is sent to the client.




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