Englobis Professional Translation Services Offered

Our Triple Revision Process Ensures Quality




We translate corporate documentation, from legal contracts to marketing materials.

Our certified, professional translators are specialized in various industries, from legal to healthcare to communications and more.


Our software localization experts will help you tailor your products to the target language and culture.

A consultant native to your target market region will analyze your product to determine the appropriate adaptations before the translation process begins.


We edit and proofread business, academic and personal documents.

Our professional editors are experts in grammar, syntax and style and will perfect your content to engage your audience.


Triple Revision Process



The translator will translate the entire source document, preserving the content's meaning and tone. Specialized content such as legal documents or business communications from a specific industry will be translated by a translator who specializes in the content area.

After the initial translation is complete,  the translator will review the document to ensure that it sounds natural in the target language. 


The editor will assess the translated content against the original to ensure accurate translation of important details.

Editors make minor changes, for example to eliminate ambiguity or better match the tone of the original document. Once the document meets quality standards, the editor will pass it along to the project managers.


Before sending the translation to the client, the project manager will conduct a final evaluation of the content.

Once the project quality has been validated, the customer will receive the final product, and, if applicable, the content will be ready for publication.

The project manager also  liaisons with the client to foster a close working relationship and ensure complete satisfaction.


Turnaround Time


➤ Between 0 and 10,000 words

1 day

➤ Between 10,000 and 100,000 words

5 days

➤ Between 100,000 and 200,000 words

7 days

➤ Over 200,000 words

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