Controlling Translation Costs

Strategic planning can lower translation costs significantly for businesses that are translating content for new markets.  Companies doing business in a new country often find that they initially underestimated how much they would need to adapt their positioning to the new market. Taking time upfront to gain insight into target customer’s buying habits and cultural influences can prevent the need to adjust marketing messages more than necessary once the material is translated.

Companies building brands across various channels can keep translation costs under control by developing content that can be easily repurposed across various platforms and devices. Although translation for documents, websites and mobile applications requires different approaches and file formats, marketing content, once translated, can be replicated across these formats by professional translators.

Finally, make sure to have adequate customer support in place for the new markets. Translating customer communications not only delays these crucial interactions, but translating them on an as-needed basis is usually more expensive than established customer support in the market’s languages would be. Businesses should always feel free to speak to the translation agency about how they can collaborate to minimize overall project costs.

Emily Allen