Relationship Marketing Through Social Media


Consumer trends are changing fast. In order to adapt to these changes, companies must understand the consumer’s evolving desires and needs. Social media is an effective way to do this through building a relationship with the consumer.

The Effects of Social Media

In the rapidly evolving retail space, social media is a powerful communication channel. To sell a product or service, most marketers need to convince the consumer that they will either solve a problem or increase enjoyment while staying on trend. Social media allow marketers to convey these messages to users, while also enabling consumers to discuss potential purchases and seek advice and opinions. Currently, over 70 percent of consumers make buying decisions based on social media recommendations, and 50 percent of those purchases take place within a week. Companies can no longer afford to ignore social media and its effect on brand recognition and purchasing decisions.  Successful social media marketing requires a clear strategy and concentrated effort.

Using Social Media Effectively

A prominent online presence allows a brand to quickly respond to consumer needs, questions, and criticisms, in addition to communicating marketing messages. By bringing consumers into the discussion, companies effectively invite consumers to be part of the team and share their preferences. Staying in touch with evolving consumer expectations allows companies to make decisions quickly and stay on top of the market. Many companies find that their customers will tell them how to solve a problem, even to the point of suggesting new or improved products. Paying close attention and participating in the conversation inspires consumer trust and loyalty.

Additionally, having a big social media presence allows consumers to quickly find information about the company and its products or services when they are making purchasing decisions. Consumers can also easily solicit reviews from friends and family to expedite the decision making process.

Relationship Marketing Through Social Media

In many ways, social media allows any company, small or large, to develop a relationship with its consumers and promote a two-way conversation. The relationship depends on social interaction and an ongoing conversation.

Part of building a personal relationship with the consumer is speaking their language in a genuine way. A poor translation converts into a poor experience for the consumer and negates the personal aspect of the conversation, as well as obscures key information about the product or service. Choosing an expert translation service for social media accounts can make the difference between a friendly conversation and a message that misses the mark. Englobis is dedicated to making sure your translations are true to the message and tone of the conversation. We recognize the importance of the customer relationship and our part in it.

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